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In plain language
22 August 2019  | Anya GeorgeAnya George | Views: 426

Hi, I am Anya and I am an associate in the commercial department at Van der Spuy and Partners.

What I love about the law is how it impacts and infiltrates every aspect of life. The perk of being an attorney is having all of this insight and information at your fingertips, but for those of us who don’t have LLB degrees, the law and legislation can be very daunting.

My aim is to assist clients in commercial matters and to ensure that their interests are properly protected, but also that their practices are compliant with the relevant legislation. Over the past few years we have seen some interesting pieces of legislation enacted that have a significant impact on how we, as South Africans, do business. Examples of these are the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act and the latest one being the Protection of Personal Information Act.

These Acts can be difficult to decipher and navigate and that’s where I come in - anything that seems complicated can always be reduced into something very simple. It’s important to understand your business and the legal implications of your business practices. In some of these acts, non-compliance carries some very hefty fines.

Keep an eye on my blog for posts about all things compliance and all things commercial.